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Adjustable Fitness Stool Black & White

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If you’re looking for a simple yet superbly functioning piece of equipment to help with your workout routine, this Adjustable Fitness Stool could be just the thing.

Made from high quality Q195 steel and PU leather, which is stable, durable and abrasion resistant. the stool can help you to exercise abdominal and leg muscles.

It’s simplicity and versatility means it can also be used as a dumbbell stool, so you can work those arm muscles.

The fitness stool is adjustable, and has a range from 45cm to 114.5cm meaning the stool can be tailored to your own height requirements.

1. Made of high quality Q195 steel and PU leather, stable, durable and abrasion resistant
2. Exercise abdominal muscles and leg muscles
3. Can be used as a dumbbell stool to exercise the arm muscles
4. Adjustable range is from 45cm to 114.5cm
5. Easy to install and use

1. Material: Q195 Steel & PU Leather
2. Cushion Dimensions: (13.77 x 10.62 x 1.96)" / (35 x 27 x 5)cm
3. Back Cushion Dimensions: (29 x 10.62 x 1.96)" / (74 x 27 x 5)cm
4. Dimensions: (45.67 x 16.14 x 18.50-44.48)" / (116 x 41 x 47-113)cm
5. Adjustable Gear: Cushion 4 Gears, Back Cushion 8 Gears(Adjustable Range 47-113cm)
6. Colour: Black & White
7. Steel Tube Size: 50*50*1.5mm,45*45*1.5mm,20*40*1.5mm
8. Weight Capacity: 250kg / 554.16lbs
9. Product Weight: 17kg / 37.47lbs

Package Includes:
1 x Fitness Stool
1 x Manual