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Back Pain Relief Inverter Table Red and Black

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Do you suffer from back pain?

Inversion therapy is a technique where you are suspended upside down to stretch the spine and relieve back pain, improve spinal health, increase flexibility and reduce the need for surgery. By shifting the body’s gravity, pressure eases off the back while also providing traction for the spine.


For these reasons, inversion therapy may be beneficial for people with:

  • chronic lower back pain

  • poor circulation

  • sciatica

  • scoliosis


    Inversion therapy creates more protective fluid around spinal discs

  • removing waste from the spine

  • decreasing inflammation

  • increasing circulation through surrounding muscles


    Inversion therapy is not suitable for people with high blood pressure, heart disease or glaucoma.

1. Fully adjustable
2. Perfect combination of durable materials and skilful workmanship
3. Ergonomic design ensures great comfort
4. Multi-function, good for blood circulation, fatigue & pressure relief, and metabolism acceleration etc. 5. Safety headrest and drop resistance shoulder pads.

1. Material: Steel Pipe Sponge Leather
2. Colour: Red And Black
3. Expanding Size: (1130 x 790 x 1520)mm(L x W x H)
4. Folding Size: (790 x 240 x 1720)mm(L x W x H)
5. Adjusting Distance: 130-190cm
6. Handstand Angle: 20/40/60 Degrees Can Be Manually Adjusted, 0-90 Degrees Free Handstand
7. Head Pillow Size: (190 x 260 x 40)mm(L x W x H)
8. Waist Pillow Size: 375*120mm
9. Backboard Size: (660 x 370 x 40)mm(L x W x H)
10. Loading: 330.69lbs / 150kg
11. Net Weight: 45.86lbs / 20.8kg

Package Includes:
1 x Backplane Bracket
1 x Height Adjustment Bracket
1 x Automatic Presser Foot Device
2 x Lower Presser Foot Tube
1 x Foot Pedal
2 x Handrails
1 x Black Back Panel
1 x Seat Belt
1 x Black Headrest
4 x Foam for Presser Foot
2 x Shoulder Pad Foam
1 x Shoulder Pad U-Shaped Bracket
1 x Mounting Screw Kit
1 x Manual