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Dumbbell & Barbell Weights 2 in 1 Set Black

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This flexible weight set can be used as dumbbells or as a barbell - the choice is yours.

Cleverley deigned to go from single arm dumbbells to 2 arms weightlifting apparatus by extending the length of the bars though the use of the bar joiner.


  1. Adjustable Weights

  2. Convert from Dumbbells to Weightlifting Bar

  3. Secure locking system

  4. Extremely durable

  5. Easy to change weights


Material: Steel covered with Vinyl

Colour: Black and Red Model:

dumbbell piece diameter:18cm/ 7.07 oz 1.5Kg

dumbbell piece diameter:19cm/7.47oz 2.0Kg

Package: 8*double nut 4x1.5Kg dumbbell piece 4x2.0Kg dumbbell piece 2x37cm dumbbell bars 1x41cm bar joiner (joins dumbbells to make 1 long bar)