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Eco-friendly Adjustable Dumbbell Set Black

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Perfect for building up strength in your arm muscles without expensive equipment or visits to the gym.

Designed to be used at home, this Adjustable Dumbbell set gives you the flexibility to build the dumbbell weights according to your needs, increasing as you develop those muscles.

Very durable and easy to clean, this is a simple and cheap yet highly effective way to build up and tone those muscles.

1. Made of high-quality material, sturdy, durable and eco-friendly
2. Secure fastening
3. Adjustable, can add or reduce weight as you require
4. Dumbbell plates range from 1Kg to 2.5Kg giving flexibility to build the desired weight
5. Easy to use and store
6. Easy to grip and clean
7. Perfect for home use, very convenient


The item will be divided into two part.

1. Material: Outer: Plastic, Inner: Cement Sheet Galvanized Iron Pole
2. Colour: Black
3. Length of the Pole: 450mm
4. Package A size: (19.88 x 21.50 x 18.50)" / (50.5 x 21.5 x 18.5)cm
5. Package B size: (14.76 x 14.76 x 4.53)" / (37.5 x 19.5 x 11.5)cm
6. Weight: 1058.22oz / 30kg


Package Includes:

Part A:
2 x Poles
4 x Cover Nuts (Included)
4 x 2.5kg Dumbbell Plates
4 x 2kg Dumbbell Plates
2 x 1kg Dumbbell Plates

Part B:

4 x 1.5kg Dumbbell Plates
2 x 1kg Dumbbell Plates


This product is divided into two package, if you initially receive only one, please be patient to wait for the other